Camp Alexander, Weblos Night, Beaver Ranch, and NEWS

Camp Alexander Oct. 13th -15th.  Sign-ups close Sunday Oct. 8th at 5pm. USE SIGNUP GENIUS  This is going be a great trip to a camp that we have not been to before.  Signup TODAY.  Menu planning and camp prep on Tuesday Oct 10th.


  Eagle Scout Candidates need your help.  Check out Signup Genius to offer you help and earn hours.


  If you have any troop gear from past trips at home, please return it to the shed ASAP.  Gear should be returned clean and dry and ready for use.  if there are problems, please let quartermaster know.


Weblos Night planning and camp prep.  PATROL LEADERS:  You have your assignments for Weblos night on Oct. 17th.  BE PREPARED for putting on a great program for our guests.  ALL SCOUTS:  Please make an effort to be at this meeting.  We want to make a great presentation to our potential Weblos guests and encourage them to join us.





 NOVEMBER 3rd-5th.  This one is close to home in Conifer and is gonna be fun.  Having access to a great campground so close to home is awesome.  We are even working out access to the disc golf course…More details to follow.  We will also be doing a small conservation project.  If you need hours, this is a great opportunity.  SIGNUP GENIUS WILL BE POSTED SOON FOR THIS!


  Check out the Signup Genius to sign up for Show and Sell opportunities.  Stuff your Scout Passbook account and pay for your trips.  A Scout is THRIFTY!




Mrs. Mathues has generously offered to be at the meeting to work on some of the non cooking requirements so that you can then proceed to work on the actual cooking requirements at your own pace.





3)  BRING YOUR BLUE CARDS OR PARTIALS IF YOU ALREADY HAVE THEM FOR SIGN-OFF.  Mr. G will have blue cards for Scouts that have not already opened the MB.
You can use the Cooking MB booklet that discusses all of the topics or use other resources to answer the questions.

Here is a link for the kindle version if you cant get a hard copy of the book:


If you already have Cooking MB, there will be plenty for you to do too.

Tired of standing around at the front of the meeting with nothing to do?  Want to change all that and make YOUR scouting experience more fun?  Let’s take some time together and figure it out.  Adult leadership has a few ideas and we want to hear yours.  Let’s make it happen.



Troop 888 Scouts and family.

It is my honor and high privilege to be entrusted with the role of Scoutmaster for Troop 888.  My role is to continue and build upon the finest traditions and values of Scouting for our Scouts.  A robust outdoor program supplemented with practical leadership training has been a cornerstone of the greatest youth program for young men for over a century.  I am, but a steward, of that tradition.  Scouting is a unique opportunity for young men to learn multiple skills for success in an environment where it is safe to fail and have a ton of fun in the process.

Leaders of Troop 888 that have come before me have set a high standard.  I intend to embrace those standards and expand upon them.  I will draw frequently from the experience and skills of those adults that have dedicated themselves to the betterment of the Troop over the years and end enlist the same from those that are newcomers.  Our Scouts will be actively engaged in developing and executing our program.

“ARE WE HAVING FUN YET”? If yes, great, let’s do more of that.  If not, WHY?  Our Scouts will be in charge of and accountable for their own happiness.  As adult leaders, we are there to help them along in the process.  It is critical to give Scouts ownership of their enjoyment of Scouting.  Pick it, plan it, do it. Evaluate.  What went right? What went wrong?  What can we do better next time?  Repeat as necessary.

It is a goal to reengage and reenergize our older cadre of Scouts.  Adult leadership will focus upon working with them to better utilize and balance their advanced skills and maturity to benefit the Patrols and Troop as a whole while affording them the opportunity to experience adventures and activities more appropriate to their age group either in the context of Troop events or independently.

The Patrols of Troop 888 will be the very foundation of the Troops continued success.  The Patrol Method, as embraced by Scouting’s Founder, Baden Powell, is the essence of the Scouting program.  Designed around the concept of small unit leadership, the Patrol Method allows Scouts to have a manageable and age appropriate leadership opportunity.  It is my goal to work closely with the youth leadership of the troop to facilitate this.

Scouts and adults will often hear me refer to our Scouts as young men or gentlemen.  This is not by accident; it is a standard by which Scouts will be expected to comport themselves.  There will be lots of time for fun and games and for boys to act like boys.   FUN is a huge part of Scouting.  By treating these young men with a culture of respect and maturity, the plan is to cultivate such behavior and build respect between those that lead and those that follow their leaders.  The followers will someday be leaders too, and leaders will again become followers and part of the team.

We will also be expanding our communications tools.  Our website and email systems have undergone major changes and will continue to improve under the leadership of our Webmaster, Historian and Scribe along with ASM support.  Look out for the possible addition of a text messaging system to be added as well in the future.  The website will be the centerpiece of resources for the Troop with a frequently updated calendar, links to important resources, activity signups, forms and advancement information.  Latest news and updates will be featured at the blog at the top of the page.

If a parent or Scout ever has a concern or an idea, I am available to help.  Scouts should know that their first resources for answers are, in order, their handbooks, troop website, Patrol Leaders, ASPL’s, SPL and then the adult leaders.  It is not that we don’t want to interact with Scouts….we did volunteer for this.  Doing your own legwork, thinking independently to solve problems and planning is all part of the program.  Think:  Give a man a fish vs teach a man to fish.

We have big plans and a bright future.  Scouts and adults have busy lives and full schedules, yet an effective Scouting program needs the ACTIVE involvement of our Scouts.  The Patrols function better and scouts have more fun when everyone shows up and participates.  Plans quickly fall apart when a patrol cannot muster enough Scouts for a campout as a Patrol or when there are activities that are Patrol based challenges.  Everyone has more fun when the unit can function as a team.  Scouting is one of the few places in their youth where young men get the chance to make their own choices and chart the path of their own fun.  LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!

Yours in Scouting,

Mitch Goldenberg
Scoutmaster, Troop 888



TROOP ELECTIONS Tuesday, August 8th


  • Do you want a leadership position or need one for rank advancement?
  • Do you want to have a say in who your leaders are for the next six months?
  • Do you want to have a voice at PLC and help choose the activities we do?

    Elections are this Tuesday 8/8/17.  This is YOUR chance to help decide your future and the future of YOUR troop.

    Patrols will vote for Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders and the Troop will elect an SPL.

    The new SPL will choose his ASPLs and Scouts interested in all other Troop leadership positions can talk to the SPL and Scoutmaster about those positions.

    Scouting is a total participant involvement activity.  YOU are the leaders that will shape and direct the troop.  Be a leader or be a part of selecting your leadership.

New officers will be sworn in at the Court of Honor on Sunday, 8/13/17.  This is also a special Court of Honor where we will be paying tribute to and honoring our retiring Scoutmaster, Mr. Thabault.

See you all Tuesday.


Mr. G