2017 Scouting for Food – Bring Food to Nov. Meetings

It is time again for the Annual Scouting for Food Drive! Troop 888 will be participating and donating all food donations to the local Evergreen Christian Outreach Food Bank, located at Bancroft Hall, 27640 Hwy 74, Evergreen, CO.
BRING non-perishable food items to the November Troop Meetings, 7 and 14 November.
LABEL your donation with SCOUT NAME, PATROL NAME, Number of Items Donated, Total time spent collecting food items (for example, 1 hour).
The Patrol with the most items donated will receive a special loopy to wear on their uniform.
See the EChO website for a list of foods needed https://evergreenchristianoutreach.org/needs_list/
WANT TO EARN EXTRA SERVICE TIME?  Meet at  ECHO Food Bank, Monday, 20 Nov 2 @ 5 PM to help deliver al donated food items to the food bank.
EARN SERVICE HOURS: You can earn service hours for all of the time you spent on the Scouting for Food service project.
Have Questions??? Dane Ferguson is the Scout in Charge, three3trees@icloud.com

Report Service Project Hours

SCOUTS: Please write down ALL of your service activities in 2017 in your Service Logs that are located at the back of your Scout Handbook.  Bring a copy of your service log or email your 2017 service activity record to three3trees@icloud.com.
Example:    Activity Description: Work Big Chili Cook-off Water Booth
                   Date:                        9 Sep 2017
                   # of Hours:               2 hours
This is important because:
      1.   Service hours are needed for rank advancement
      2.   Our Troop hopes to earn GOLD for Journey to Excellence (JTE) program again this year.  In order to earn GOLD our Troop needs to have recorded at least 5 service projects over the course of the year.
      3.   Service hours are a requirement for some merit badges
The Troop Service Project Coordinator, Ms. Ferguson, will be available at the Troop meetings in November to review and assist in completing service records in scout handbooks.
PARENTS:  Please assist your scout as needed to complete their 2017 service logs and send a copy with them to a November Troop meeting or to three3trees@icloud.com by 28 Nov.  Information needed:
                                                                                          Activity description:
                                                                                          # of Hours:

Salvation Army Bell Ringers Needed

Scouts and Parents,

Salvation Army is looking for Bell Ringers at the Bergen Parkway King Soopers from 19 November through 24 December. If you are interested, please sign up at the sign-up genius link below:

Full Scout Uniforms are to be worn.
Send a copy of your sign-up email confirmation to three3trees@icloud.com so that your service hours can be recorded.

NOTE: There will not be a Troop Adult present at these time slots. A sign-up will require the scout and an adult to be present for the full time of the sign-up commitment.

Sign-up Genius Now In Use

We are now using Sign-up Genius for all outings. There are links under the “Sign-up” tab. I suggest registering for a free account, using the same email you use for the troop. Signing in with an account allows you to delete your sign-up if necessary. If you are signing up for someone other than yourself, please check the box marked “Display an alternate name on the sign-up page”. Please sign-up each person separately. Leave the quantity at “1”. Questions? Contact adult webmaster Mr. Verlinde using the contact form.

Welcome to New Website

Welcome to the new Troop 888 website. If you are a member of Troop 888 and have already registered, please drop down “User” tab and log-in. If you are a member of Troop 888 and have not registered, please drop down “User” tab, and choose “Register. If you have any questions or comments about the website, please use the contact form to contact adult webmaster Dave Verlinde.