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Advancement FAQ:

What is a Scoutmaster Conference?
It is a requirement for rank advancement once all other requirements are completed. It is an opportunity for you and the Scoutmaster to review how you are doing regarding the skills for that rank and begin planning your next steps. You can ask questions, share what you like about being a Scout, and figure out ways to make your scouting experience even better.

What is a Board of Review?
Once you have completed all the requirements to advance one rank and have participated in a Scoutmaster conference you can arrange for a board of review. The review board is usually made up of 3-5 troop committee members. The purpose of the review is to give you the opportunity to talk about how you are getting along in the troop, and to get feedback on how the troop is operating and serves as information for adult leaders to improve the troop.

Advancement Chairperson Contact info:

Walt Hunt
Phone: (303) 33

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